RACE NARAYANA ACADEMY Education has been producing excellent results in various competitive examinations. Each year, RACE NARAYANA ACADEMY students, by burning the midnight oil are securing top ranks in various competitive examinations, which speak volumes about its commitment to excellence and perfection in imparting quality education.

What ensures quality education is the seamless integration of innovative technology, for the traditional methods proves to be slow and cumbersome for the students. This generation requires high-speed learning which can only be achieved through the modern techniques involving latest technology, coupled with the hard work under able guidance. In this competitive era one must chalk-out their strategy to build up a career well in advance because. An analytical approach and constant research on emerging trends is a must for definitive success, which is possible only at RACE NARAYANA ACADEMY .

For us, education is a mission. Our mission is to make quality education accessible globally with an ease to upgrade the knowledge-machine of the universe and to ignite the passion for education in the younger generation to redefine the term 'success.'



The basic structure of the Institute is firmly built on a highly professional faculty result oriented faculty comprising of a perfect blend of teachers from various fields. Our faculty is a mix of engineers, Post graduates and Doctors in various streams. We recruit faculty who have had a rich experience of teaching their respective subjects and are an expert at teaching them

Each and every faculty member who is working at Race Narayana Academy has been selected through a rigorous process. Our students are excelling largely due to faculty's unique teaching methodology commitment and dedication. We have Best-In-Class teachers who are continuously trained by workshops reading the best practices of teaching.


The determined and dedicated team is devoted to smooth out the path of success for students to follow. The cultured and courageous team of laureates is all set to put in their best efforts in helping the students achieve their dream.

The goal-oriented and self-motivated team is always ready to reach out to students for any kind of help required and ensure success for them.


The library is open to students and staff members on all working days. The library has a rich collection of text books, reference books in all branches of Engineering, Science, Medical, and the collection is ever increasing Over a period of time we have built up good stock of study material, solved and unsolved question papers of previous years and a large question bank to prepare our students for foundations, medical and Engineering exams.


We have adopted a well-designed, exam and result oriented Our Curriculum has been Integrated with CBSE and SBSE textbooks - we don't neglect them. Our study material is the best in class. we don't dump the students with the all that is available in market. Our objective is to provide perfect clarity of concepts and just necessary practice to the student so that he/she can solve on his/her own any new question given on the same concept. We prefer a challenging study atmosphere -not overwhelming.


Interactive Class Room Session

Advanced and Updated Study Material

Doubt Removal Sessions

Revision and Test Analysis

Technology Enabled Education

Limited Students VS Teacher Ratio in a Batch

Library Facility

CCTV Security Surveillance

Student Performance Report

Hostel/PG Facility and guidance

Transport Facility


Be "UP with the times," Aspirants are so lucky to have a smart board in their classroom, this interactive smart board is replacing the overhead projector and white board in classroom. Smart board technology in the classroom can enrich the curriculum by taking a typical lesson and turning it into a fun & more Interactive. Here is a few more of the amazing advantages to utilizing technology in the classroom by having a smart board in your classroom.

Smart Boards Enhance Students' Learning Experience

Smart Technology Is Interactive

Some Benefits of Smart Digital Classes

Smart Boards Enhance Students' Learning Experience

This amazing technology not only enhance the way teacher teach, but it also enhance the way students learn. It can provide students with an enriched learning experience by projecting visual elements. It also makes differentiated learning much easier because teachers are able to accommodate different leaming styles. The touch screen option allows teachers to run programs with the tap of their finger. This makes it not only makes it easy to navigate for the teacher, but for the students as well.

In addition to that, a student's learning experience is enhanced by this technology because of its ability (or students to view diagrams, charts, videos and more, right on the huge screen In front of them, their learning comes to life, and many students find It more fun to learn than ever before.

These interactive boards provide an extraordinary opportunity for teachers to create a classroom environment where students with different learning styles can learn from each other, this easy-to- learn technology ensures that both teachers and their students are developing the 21st century skills that they need in order to succeed in today' s world.