Super Student Contest 2019 is a specially designed initiative to encourage young talent with cash prizes, scholarships and mentoring by Race Narayana IIT NEET Academy. SSC 2019 is a platform that not only provides an opportunity to students to apply their abilities and win appreciation but also it nurtures their mind for higher targets of tomorrow. SSC-2019 is aimed at pinpointing areas of strength and weakness. We have taken up an important task of searching young talents through this unique campaign. This is a self assessment event indicating student's readiness to take up new challenges in education sector and many other spheres.

This is a unique exam developed by highly experienced academicians and the students will find this full of such benefits which will boost their academic competitive abilities & help them beat the competition.

The SSC 2019 Exam is based on a Multiple Choice Questions pattern which will help Students to be precise & careful while attempting the questions. The questions and the marking scheme are designed in a way that a student can develop decision making ability and the reasoning power.

SSC 2019 is an excellent opportunity for students , who believe that taking part in competition is good and want to test themselves in the new examination pattern for future roles and success.

SSC 2019 is being organized with a mission to give an opportunity to students to compete, to prove their talent and to win scholarship based on merit. It also helps meritorious students with weak economic background as assistance to their education.