An Exhilarating new beginning has been made in the field of serious education. Race Narayana IIT/ NEET Academy Pvt. Ltd. has decided to nurture the student's dream to reach the pinnacles of success in a refreshing and competitive way. For us at Race Narayana Academy, competition is not only a way of life but the life and we announce to conduct a mega competitive opportunity for the students of the Nation under the name National Super Student Contest 2019 in association with our partners/co-organisors NSSC-2019 shall be conducted on October, 13, 2019. The last date of registration for the same is October, 10, 2019.

NSSC-2019 is offering prizes and scholarships worth 50 Lac plus, including the INR 1,00000 Cash Prizes, and much more for exploring, promoting and stimulating the talent of the students of the Nation. The National Super Student Contest 2019 shall be open for the students studying in class 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th , 11th and 12th( Only students of science stream studying in Class 11th and 12th shall be eligible for NSSC-2019.

On April, 01' 2018, we conducted a similar competitive test under the name of Jammu Super Student Contest 2018, (JSSC-2018), which became a huge success and on Nov. 11, 2018 another similar grand event Super Student Contest-2019-I was conducted successfully.

Thousands of candidates from various prestigious schools participated in these contest, wherein, students were offered prizes and scholarships worth 25 Lac plus including the INR 1,00000 Cash Prizes, 10 students tablets worth Lacs and much more.

By conducting NSSC-2019, we aim at providing a competitive platform and exposure to the students of the Nation which shall enables these young minds to have great focus, excellent thinking, pro-active approach, positive attitude and ability to manage failure and stress. By facing such competitive tests, students get encouraged to dream big and become passionate about their dreams.

We firmly believe that there is nothing one cannot achieve, if one has the right mind and willingness to do the required hard work. Many people falter even before trying because of lack of confidence and fear of failure. Failure is a way of life in learning, and not an end in itself. NSSC-2019 is designed to encourage students to look at the challenges as opportunities for growth.

We invite you to be a part of this grand opportunity and support the goodness in the society.

Thanking You
Ram Kumar Dubey