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Founder & CEO’S Message

Founder and CEO

Dear All,

I strongly believe that every individual has an infinite potential, and given proper guidance, there is hardly any task they cannot perform. Our endeavour is to bring out the hidden talent of a student and sharpen it in order to give the best results.

Since the inception of competitive examinations In our county the role of teaching faculty has been of paramount significance. During the last couple of decades due to much shift In teaching-learning paradigm, the methodology of teaching and preparing an individual to achieve success too has undergone a remarkable change. Therefore, Race Narayana IIT/NEET Academy has taken the responsibility of bringing most dynamic and proficient educators under one roof. Their dedicated and unwavering effort with high level of knowledge and skill has brought a laurels to Race Narayana IIT/NEET Academy with a success rate best in the North zone in IIT/JEE for last decades, which is one of the best in the class.

The academic environment of Race Narayana IIT/NEET Academy is highly conducive. Our research and development team has developed the finest study material, teaching methodology incorporating the latest trends of different competitive examinations. The academic programs at Race Narayana IIT/NEET Academy have been designed to enrich the students with holistic preparation so that we can assure their success. These programs help students in sharpening their basic skills to such an extent that they could be benefited throughout their lives. We encourage students for in-depth learning so that they would be able to explore optimum advantages from the knowledge they have acquired. We moreover lay emphasis on individual efforts which infact paves the way that leads to success.

Dr. A. Rashid Choudhary
Ph. D. FLS London